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Dental phobia is a major issue for many adults, many fear a visit to the dentist and this is usually due to a traumatic dental experience in childhood.

It is so important that your child feels comfortable visiting the dentist and the earlier the better – we recommend a visit when the first teeth arrrive so that your child gets used to the surroundings and we can advise on healthy diets and good tooth cleaning techniques.

As your child grows up we will continue to offer preventive advice and keep a check on their dental health and development. Hopefully we can set and keep them on the road to a disease free mouth for life.


Prevention of dental disease in children should begin at the moment the first tooth appears. As soon as the teeth are in the mouth, they should be cleaned gently with a soft brush and a tiny amount of children’s fluoride containing toothpaste.

Children are highly susceptible to dental decay and the aim to deliver a child into adulthood with sound teeth requires active prevention from the outset.

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Regular Visits

Regular visits to the dentist are essential in the identification and treatment of any problems at an early stage, whether caused by disease or development. We recommend that all children from the age of 2 yrs should attend for examination every 6 months. From an early age we can guide parents with regard to good cleaning and dietary habits.

As the child grows, they gradually take responsibility for their own dental hygiene. We recommend that all children should see a hygienist twice a year from the stage where the adult teeth start to appear (approximately 6 yrs) to help reinforce good preventative habits.

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