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As an average adult, your mouth is designed to comfortably and effectively contain 28 teeth. However, most adults actually have between 28 and 32 teeth, known as the Third Molars or “wisdom teeth”. Some individuals have full-sized wisdom teeth, while many others have dwarfed teeth that may be misshapen or rootless.

No matter their size or shape, wisdom teeth exist in a crowded environment which can cause them to erupt in odd places, grow sideways, impact adjacent molars, partially emerge, or even become infected and form abscesses. If your wisdom teeth are creating pain, swelling, or any other discomfort, it’s time to contact your Smiles by Hillside dentist for a consult, exam, and the relief of extraction.

Wisdom teeth can, and do, come in naturally and well-aligned, causing no problems to you or your other teeth. But, that is not the case generally, because of the overcrowded conditions. When wisdom teeth come in successfully, no extraction is needed. When wisdom teeth are ill placed, partially erupt or become infected, extraction is the safe solution.

Your dentist will perform an oral examination and x-rays to evaluate the position of your wisdom teeth and determine the best extraction approach. This evaluation will enable your dentist to advise if extraction is necessary at that time or if you can wait.

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If extraction is recommended, you can be assured that this outpatient surgery is performed in an environment of optimum safety, utilizing modern monitoring equipment by our highly trained staff experienced in anesthesia techniques.

Your comfort is our priority in any oral surgery and we will discuss your concerns, as well as every step of your surgery, with you in detail. If you are anxious or fearful, we understand and will listen to your concerns and discuss appropriate solutions that will allow you to be at ease before, during, and following your extraction.

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